" The ring has arrived and is truly stunning. Words cannot express how unique and splendid it is. Thank you so much." Gill , West Midlands.

Is there anything more forlorn than a once beautiful and proudly worn piece of jewellery gathering dust in a drawer because, although it is still treasured, it is broken, impractical, or simply a completely different style to your own taste?  The jewellery itself is precious not only because of its valuable metal or gemstones but because of the significance of the family history it holds within it, or a tangible link with a departed loved one. You certainly will not be parted with this jewellery but at the same time it does not feel like your heirlooms are being fully respected and prized.

Look no further, as we love nothing more than to restore and transform both the piece of jewellery and the owner! Simply bring your cherished jewellery or send photos and we will discuss any ideas you may have. Once we have listened to your thoughts, we will be able to advise what is feasible and possible, what design will work well with the raw materials, and whether you wish to add more metal or gemstones to your refashioned design. Once agreed, we then proceed with your commission on an exciting voyage of discovery together...

Please note although most remodelling goes smoothly, we must emphasise that as the materials in the remodelling process are not provided by ourselves and we do not know their origination or their history, then we are unable to guarantee the work or the finish of the metal or stones. This is because occasionally a metal does not melt down smoothly and therefore will also not be able to be reworked as there may be unseen and unknown impurities or contamination within the metal (Of course we don't know this until the work is started, however in whatever form, the metal would still hold its basic scrap value.) Gemstones may be found to be damaged once removed from original settings or could have unknown weaknesses which only come to light when resetting into the new piece as this is when they come under most strain. However, as always, we work very closely with you and will advise you of any issues that arise and the options and alternatives that we have to move forward, and 99 times out of 100 we find a happy solution. It actually makes the process quite exciting and it is always a collaboration of creativity, practicality and flexibility!


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